Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool big 4


The product will let you keep an eye on the knives while sharpening  over the rotating wheel that is fitted at the upside of the product and has a port beneath. The product is designed to give you the sharpening service as quicker than any other product and can sharpen large tools . The framework is designed in such a way that is air cooled  and have a dry sharpening system. Constrained air-cooling and the honing port high temperature sink takes into consideration higher material evacuation rates without influencing the steel temper. It takes into consideration speedy reshaping of another or harmed etch, and quick sharpening of a micro inclined tool. The exact incline points are situated in the honing port, so exchanging between edges is basic and quick. No re-adjustment is needed for changing wheel measurement or apparatus size. Coarse toil for fast molding and afterward micro-fine sharpens all in one port.


Features of the wood tool sharpener are as follows:


The design of the sharpening system is made such that the air is cooled. This system has a dry sharpening system. The high temperature sink deals efficiently with the knives by making the perfect edge of them.

No re-adjustment required

There is no need to readjust the wheel measurements or apparatus sizes for the different sizes of the knives. Simply adjust the knife of any size in the system and your sharpener is ready to sharpen the knife.

Micro Inclined Tool

The sharpener system has the Micro Inclined tool. This micro inclined tool is very sharp and small in size and reaches for every part of the knife. When it comes to the sharpening, this micro inclined tool exchanges itself between the edges of the knife to give a perfect sharpening.

Different Angles

Different angles have already been set in this product so you don’t need to spend more time setting these angles and the product has such blades that let the operation easier and faster to sharpen. Automatic cleaning is also done after sharpening by ceramic oxide.


This product comes with tempered glass wheels which gives an extra advantage of flatness and will not let gearing down like traditional wheel. Attachments are available of disks that can be put on these wheels which will provide a benefit for selecting the grit size for grinding and honing of more coarser or less coarser rocks.

Air Route:

The system route the air flowing from motor to heat sink which will help avoid overheating.

Easy to use:

This product is provided with all the guidance to use every control and hence it the best product available in the market and one can see the bluntness removing over the knife on the rotating disk and ensure better sharpness and more accurate edges.

Pros and Cons


  • Durable and Reliable.
  • Quick Sharpening.
  • Covers even the small edges.


  • Requires maintenance.

Customer Review

The product has been rated 4.6 out of the 5 stars.


The product is highly recommended to the customers. The knife sharpener is efficient and excellent in use. You must buy it now.