Product reviewof  Norton Sharpening System

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Honing is the methodology of making or re-creating a bleeding edge by crushing endlessly parcels of the metal to change the plot of the edge and change the shape. Sharpening uproots little defects.The product contains silicon carbide stones and aluminum oxide stones supported by three stone benches with firm grip and angle.lubrication oil is also being provided with the product.a sharpening unit is also there to firmly hold these stones without moving and make them to their place. Ground of the product contains a reservoir that makes it clean and saturated.The silicon carbide stones are quick cutting and offer successful honing, considerably under light weight. The aluminum oxide stone has an intense break  and wear-safe coarseness that is stronger than silicon carbide and fit for honing to close resistances.Each one stone is made by reviewing the material to a predictable molecule size and mixing it with holding operators. It is then formed and surface-completed. They are harder and more sturdy than a Waterstone.


Edges are Rough

The rough edges of the stones are used for sharpening, although there are variety of flat and more blunt one. The stone whose grit is more rough is used for more blunt knife, whether less rough for a less blunt. They are given on orders from less to more and some used with liquid while others used dry.

Firm support:

The product contains a support that makes the stones more firmly attached and so that they cannot move and they are held in place by a sharpening unit. The Ground of the sharpener has a reservoir. The Built in angles are there for a perfect sharpening of the knife.

Three stone system:

The three stones are used for keeping on sharpening method for some products like plain blades and kitchen knives. Silicon carbide stones with different grit sizes are used to cut and sharpening whereas aluminium oxide stone is used to make a honed edge.

Lubricating oil:

The oil is used for sharpening the stone and is made in such a way that this process can be done near food. Prevention is done for avoiding the bonding of metal and removing dislodged metal chips. The stone is already been soaked in the oil for saving time and energy.


More variety is there because if you need to remove more metal from the knife than you need to have a stone with more coarser grits while on the other hand, if less metal to be removed than less coarser grits will be required and some need oil for their operation while others do not need oil and some comfortable on both of these conditions.

Pros and Cons


  • Firm support for the stones.
  • Lubricating oil is provided along.


  • Expensive

Product review:

The product has been rated 4.8 out of the 5 stars.


The product has been rated very high by the valuable customers. It is very efficient in working. The sharpening system is recommended to the clients.