Product Review of Chef’s Choice Sharpener

Chef's Choice 1520 Angle Select big 5

This multi-process knife sharpener is designed to give a new look to your knives and has a highly safe procedure for using it and can refurbish the American in 20 degrees,European to 20 and 15 degrees to Asian style can sharpen jagged blades,pocket and Santoku knives as well.The system has three stages which help it to make a perfect looking edge. The precision angles are predefined which automatically helps the knife to be positioned accurately while 100 percent diamond raw materials are used for used with additional disks to sharpen edges perfectly.Other additional features are switching button,stabilized support or base, durable and assembled in America. A three year limited time warranty is also available. This product is provided in America and Canada.


Sharpened Blades:

This product provides a three stage process which provides a sharpens jagged knife, whether it is single or double inclined blade, it will put a sharp edge on it and this product can recreate the American or European style knife to an angle of 20 degree and 15 degree to Asian style knife.

3 stages:

The sharpener sharpens the knives in the three stages. The perfect and shiny edges are achieved with the 3 stages of the cutting. The precision angles are defined already which let the knife to be set on the sharpener very easily and precisely. When the knife is perfectly set in the sharpener, it will be sharpened in a very short period of time with the highest precision.

Refurbishing of Knives

This sharpener also refurbishes the knives into the new angles. American and European, both kind of knives can be refurbished.


Three year limited time warranty is there in case of any usual accident which accidently make the customer to suffer, then the warranty could be claimed and service providers will repair or renew the product.


The product is provided with polished disks to give a polished edge and 100 % diamond material to sharpen as diamond is the hardest known element on this planet, so will remove the most of dull or blunt metal of the knife and give it a new look with more sharpened and polished look so it is easy to maintain and washable as well.

User friendly:

The product is easy to use as every guide about every control is provided with the product so there should be no mess while handling the product and additionally price is much affordable as compared to the features it has so this is one of the best products available at the best price with the best technology.

Base of Sharpener

The base of the sharpening machine is very stabilized. The machine will not move from the place during the sharpening process of the knives.

Pros and Cons


  • Durable and Simple to Use.
  • Refurbishing quality.
  • Diamond Raw Materials.


  • Consumes high amount of the electricity.

Customer Review

The product has been rated 4.6 out of the 5 stars.


The product is highly recommended to the customers due to its efficient use.