Product Review of Chef’s Choice AngleSelect Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice Model big 2


This product is designed for all types of knives, whether they are Asian,American or European so this product is known as the product with most flexibility in it. The product is designed to give a knife a more sharpened edge. Proper guidance to use is provided along In order to use it in a perfect way. This framework, which is developed in this product is uses diamond abrasives and other polishing discs for ensuring incredible sharpness and durability. The product can restore Asian knives to a 15 degree and other American or European knives to a degree of 20 and provides a more accurate edge for maximizing the sharpness effect. This product will sharpen the jagged blades more quicker than any other product. The product is basically designed and assembled in America.



The knife sharpener is designed in such a way that the knives fit on it flexibly. The unique design of the sharpener will provide a more precise and sleek sharpened edge. All kinds of the knives can be sharpened in such a flexible design which is the rare feature of the sharpener.

Polishing Discs

The polishing discs and diamond abrasives polish the sharpened edges. The polishing of the sharpened edges make the edges more shiny and durable. With the help of proper guidance you can use the sharpener in a more efficient way than ever before. The proper professional guide is provided with the sharoener in the form of user manual.


The product is developed in such a way that it may last longer for life. This product is provided with a framework to use almost 100% diamond sharpening materials and discs for polishing so it may increase sharpness and as well as be maintaineable and will last longer.


This product has the ability to recreate or refabricate every European and American to a 20 degree and an edge of 15 degrees to Asian style knives and that make a big difference from the other products available in the market right now.

Fast Speed:

The product will increase the speed of sharpening above the standard time taken from other sharpening tools and will overcome this problem and this will be an absolute advantage for those who are busy doing their work, this product will give them more comfort now.

Easy to use:

The product is easy to use as it is provided with a guide book and where every control and usage guide is mentioned for using every kind of control which this product has and this product is extremely user friendly by doing its work faster. You simply need to fit the knife and your knife will be sharpened.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick and Reliable
  • Flexible


  • Proper guidance required.

Customer Review

The product has been rated 4.6 out of the 5 stars.


The product has the flexibility during the fitting of the knives. The perfect fitting of the knives will sharpen them perfectly. It is therefore, the product is highly recommended to the customers.